Tips to Host A Safe Socially Distant Wedding

Tips to Host A Safe Socially Distant Wedding

November 16, 2020

A socially distanced wedding is a responsible and achievable goal. Some people may have trouble putting the two ideas of social distancing and a wedding together, but you can certainly have the wedding of your dreams while still maintaining social distancing in the process. Here is a look at how you can do it.

Limit the number of guests

It often makes sense to lower the number of guests for economic reasons, but the venue where you hold the wedding may also have limitations on how many people it is legally allowed to host. Choose a venue that provides enough space to host the guests you do invite while also allowing those guests to remain 6 feet apart.

You can always use technology to bring more people in to see the ceremony. Offering ways to watch the wedding or even take part in it from a distance can help boost the number of people witnessing the event. This can also help people who can’t make it still feel like they're taking part in the ceremony.

Make use of the great outdoors

One way to ensure you have the space you need is to hold your wedding ceremony at an outdoor venue. In fact, your guests may even feel more comfortable outdoors with some fresh air. You can even embrace the fact you’re outside with Jcubedk wedding gifts, accessories, bridesmaid shirts, and even swimsuits for the bride's squad if you’re at a beachfront.

Whether inside or out, you should still make sure your seating area can accommodate proper distancing. You don’t have to sacrifice traditional seating arrangements; you only have to spread them out a little. Seating for the reception should follow similar guidelines and so should the dance floor area, should you still want some music and fun later.

Let everyone know the rules

If everyone needs to wear a mask, let people know beforehand. You can provide them yourself or you can ask guests to wear their most elegant ones. The venue you use may require it as well.

Masks can have designs, messages and anything you want on them, so feel free to make them part of the overall decor. For example, many Jcubedk wedding gifts and accessories can give you ideas for an overall fun look and feel that you can match to your masks.

Another rule may pertain to the distancing between groups. Some people may need to limit the amount of touching, hugging or closeness. Make sure to remind everyone.

Keep everyone safe

Keep everything clean, neat and decontaminated. Have enough hand sanitizer at the ready for all guests. Have plated meals catered by a staff that knows how to prep food safely, rather than a buffet-style meal. Generally, anything you, your wedding team, the vendors or venue can think of to keep everyone safe should come under consideration.

Have fun

A socially distanced wedding can offer just as much fun and excitement as any other wedding. You and your bride's squad can still wear matching bachelorette party shirts or bridesmaid shirts from Jcubedk. The wedding can still hold as much formality and gravity as you want.

In fact, some of the limitations of a socially distanced wedding can help you get a lot more creative. To help you along with wedding gifts, accessories and everything to keep up the spirits of your bride's squad, check out what Jcubedk has to offer.