Rescheduling Your Wedding From COVID Shouldn't Be Stressful

Rescheduling Your Wedding From COVID Shouldn't Be Stressful

December 09, 2020

COVID-19 has disrupted several aspects of everyone’s lives, including those who chose 2020 for their dream wedding.

Many of the have been disappointed due to orders of social distancing limiting the amounts of people to gather. This means brides likely have to find a future date so the ideal wedding can proceed, or change the format and invite fewer people.

Here are ways to deal with rescheduling your wedding during this pandemic.

Making the decision to move

It can be a tough decision to have to change all the plans you worked so hard on and move to a different time and date. However, you also want your friends and family to maintain their health throughout this pandemic. Gathering in a large group puts everyone you love at risk. A great way to commemorate the original wedding date is to at least enjoy a celebratory drink and dinner with your partner. Remembering the reason why you are getting married in the first place will help. 

Sending updates

Keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date about what is going on. If you are changing where you are having the wedding as well as a later date, having a wedding website is a must-have. Your wedding website will provide all the information your guests need to know about your wedding. It is an easy and hassle-free way for you to let everyone know when things change. Just make sure it stays current so there are no surprises for your guests.

Give a gift to your bridesmaids like a Jcubedk Shirt 

Though you may have to give a distant hug to your bridesmaids right nowyou can still make them feel loved. Show them how special they are to your wedding by considering a purchase of bridesmaid shirts custom-made by Jcubedk. Each shirt can be personalized for each bridesmaid or you can buy shirts that have a central theme surrounding them, such as ‘Bachelorette’ or ‘Bridesmaid’ printed or them a graphic pertaining to the wedding. Also, Jcubedk shirts make great wedding gifts for your guests. These can be memorable ways to keep everyone feeling a part of the wedding, even though socially distanced.

Finding a new venue or reschedule? 

Rescheduling your wedding date may seem like the only option due to the pandemic. However, you can also consider keeping the date but finding another place to hold your wedding instead. The appeal to this is that you already have everything sorted out. The invitations are sent. Guests have sent their RSVP. Catering already has your order in for food preparations. So, why not move everything to another place?  

Don’t stress and stay positive! 

Your wedding is a time to show off your spouse-to-be and proclaim your love in front of family and friends. It's a party even if it has to be smaller. At a later date, in a better year, you can have a bigger unofficial wedding or vow exchange. No matter the size or amount of people in attendance, the important party of the ceremony is built-in, even if it involves only you and your husband. Don't let the stress of not getting the wedding you pictured make you forget that. Keep a positive mindset. You are marrying your best friend and lover. It is special no matter what. 

Focus on the feelings

Though it's hard, figuring out how to reschedule your wedding doesn’t need to bring on extra stress. Remember that the only vital parts of the wedding are the bride and groom. The other parts are more celebratory and can be done at a later time. Don't feel guilty for protecting your friends and family from COVID-19. It won't be forever.