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Cutest Virtual Bachelorette Party Ideas Including Matching Bridesmaid Shirts!

October 14, 2020

A virtual bachelorette party might not have been what you originally had in mind, but that doesn't mean you can't make it plenty of fun for everyone involved. And if you've already had to postpone it a few times in hopes of better headlines, it might be time to think outside the box. 

The best advice is to extend all of your original ideas and adapt them to an online platform. Of course, if you're still in the planning stages or need a few more tips, we're here to help. 

Get Everyone Involved 

Just as the maid of honor might delegate certain tasks to those on the invite list, it helps to enlist people for a virtual party based on their skillsets. The wild and crazy friend with all the energy? She might be the one to serve as the virtual host. The bridesmaid who's always on top of her to-do list? Have her send flowers to the bride before the party gets going.  

When it comes to technical matters, find out what everyone's been using during the pandemic (e.g., Zoom, Facetime, Hangouts, etc.). Select the most popular one, and help anyone who's having trouble downloading software or setting up the platform. 

Send Gifts 

A bachelorette sash, kooky sunglasses, an outlandish veil: you can mail any of these gifts to the guest of honor long before she ever logs onto her computer. There are also cute T-shirts made specifically for the bride with text like "I Said Yes" or "Bride or Die". Send out custom bridesmaid shirts to attendees but alter the words to read "Bride Squad" or "I'm Getting Flocked Up."

Creative bridesmaid shirts can catch people's attention and set the stage a rocking good time. It can't take the place of bar-hopping on the beach, but it can go a long way to making people feel included. 

You can also consider going a little further than just zany gifts by ordering her favorite dinner and having it delivered, or by sending everyone the same bottle of wine. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, let alone planning one during a pandemic. Trust us when we say that everyone will be grateful for being spoiled. 

Select a Theme 

For a traditional bachelorette party, the theme is usually just to let loose and get a little wild. With a virtual party though, you might need to get more specific. So you might choose a Friends theme where everyone dresses as their favorite character. You can send guests matching bridesmaid shirts in the famous Friends font with text that reads "I'll Be There for You".

Or choose a Western theme and T-shirts that read Boots and Bling Before Ring. You might send a balloon arch to set in the doorway of the bride-to-be or make her a banner to hang in the background where everyone can write a personalized message to her. Or choose the same bar or club backgrounds to give the illusion that everyone is together. 

Embrace the Fun 

It might look different than what everyone imagined, but there's no reason to let it interfere with your good time. Start a game of Never-Have-I-Ever and see what kinds of fun secrets are revealed. You never know, people might be more likely to open up online than they are in-person. Or arrange for the groom to pop in for a minute or two as a surprise to everyone on the call.

From custom bridesmaid shirts to icebreakers, you can make a virtual bachelorette party everything she wanted it to be (and more). And if you need personalized bridesmaid shirts for bachelorette party, Jcubedk is here to help.